Diamantis Karanastasis


I was born in Larissa, Greece. 

Along with drama school, I ‘ve also studied computer engineering at the National Polytechnic University of Athens.              

    I ‘m performing in theatre, cinema and tv since 1998.

Most Notable recent theatre appearances:

Mike Bartlett’s Love Love Love (Kenneth, Greek Art Theater 2012-13, Athens),

Alecos Galanos’ (Nikos Mastorakis’ adaptation)Red Lights” (Piraeus Municipalty Theater 2014-15),

P. Prevelakis’ (Angela Brouskou synthesis) Crazy Blood (Greek Art Theater, 2015, Athens)

stefan Zweig’s “fear” (kalamata-thessaloniki-kavala-athens 2016)

Lina Wertmüller’s “Love and Anarchy” (BIOS - ATHENS 2019)

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder” (Kivotos Theater - Athens 2019-20)

    Most notable TV appearances:

I agapi irthe apo makria” (eng: “love came from afar”, director M. Manousakis.

Me thea sto pelago” (eng:”View to the sea”,  director Y. Vasiliades.

Kryfa monopatia” (eng: “Secret paths”, director M. Manousakis).

Yungermann (by the title book of M. Karagatsis, director G. Karantinakis).

    my cinema work:

    In my first feature film directionMy Blood”  I also undertook, production, acting, screenplay and editing

        The film achieved many awards and honors at festivals worldwide.

    My voice has been featured in over 7.500 ads, for Greek and International companies as well as in Documentaries, Narrations and Greek versions of animation films and series such as the madagascar franchise, the ice age franchise, star wars - clone wars and more...

    I’ ve directed - created lots of art and promotional videos

                                               diamantis karanastasis