diamantis karanastasis
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love love love
by Mike Bartlett

Director: Marianna Calbari
Translation - Adaptation: Marianna Calbari
Costume - Set Design: Constantinos Zamanis
Lightning Design: Nikos Vlassopoulos
Music : Yannis Sorotos
Music Mixing-Singing: Mikes Billis
Assistant Director: Ilias Latsis
Actors (Alphabetically)

Diamantis Karanastasis
Nestor Kopsidas 
Anna Koutsaftiki
Kostas Silvestros
Eirini Stratigopoulou
Greek Art Theatre
Frinichou 14 - Plaka
tel: 2103222464
    1967. Kenneth and Sandra meet, and it’s a whole new world.
A fiery relationship is sparked in the haze of the 60s, and charred by today’s brutal realities.
From passion to paranoia, “LOVE LOVE LOVE” takes on the baby boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE” (UK Theatre Award for Best Play 2011), the new play of the writer of “COCK” (Olivier award), opens in Athens at the GREEK ART THEATER on the 20th of December.
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