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    Most Notable recent theatre appearances:

Mike Bartlett’s Love Love Love (Kenneth, Greek Art Theater 2012-13, Athens),

Alecos Galanos’ (Nikos Mastorakis’ adaptation)Red Lights” (Piraeus Municipalty Theater 2014-15),

P. Prevelakis’ (Angela Brouskou synthesis) Crazy Blood (Greek Art Theater, 2015, Athens)

stefan Zweig’s “fear” (kalamata-thessaloniki-kavala-athens 2016)

Lina Wertmüller’s “Love and Anarchy” (BIOS - ATHENS 2019)

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder” (Kivotos Theater - Athens 2019-20)

        My theatre productions:

“one more breath” (national theater of greece, experimental stage, 2003, athens) 

“fresh blood” (argo theater, 2004, athens)

“little stories for marriagephobics” (Greek Art Theater  2006, Athens)

Une Liaison Pornografique” (Fresh Hotel, 2009, Athens)

“nameless saint” (Greek Art Theater  2010-11, Athens)

“Les garcons et guillaume a table!” (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, 2014, Athens)

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